Free Advice On How To Write A Great Research Paper On English As A Second Language

Each language has their own nuances and what is considered great in one language may not apply to another. For example, Arabic writing makes use of lots of proverbs. In order to demonstrate education and superior knowledge, Ethiopians use long and complex sentences. Spanish uses Latin-based words and very expressive terms but these do not hold well if you want to write in English. This article gives you additional reading information on how to write English research paper.

In order to write a research paper on English as a second language, one needs to improve their writing skills and that they can do by reading. By reading, one will learn tenses, subject-verb agreements, plurals, adjectives, conjunctions and even it will help reinforcing of grammar rules.

When writing projects, one needs to write short statements which pack a punch rather than using flowery language which is confusing or complex. In research paper; English example should be given but it is always preferable to be direct. The writer should use action verbs rather than passive tense.

Another tip is that Latin-based words should not be overused. Anglo-Saxon words are preferable in writing these papers as this is what native speakers use most. Latin based words will make the entire paper unintelligible to most readers.

The writer should not translate from their native language but should try and think in English while writing, else the idiomatic phrases, grammar, and nuances will not make much sense nor will the meaning be able to be captured.

Spellings too should be taken care of as well as homophones and of course, syntax should be adhered to.

The best method to improve is to write continuously and write regularly so that the person gets into the habit of writing and thinking in English while writing.

All these tips are for the first part. The second part to this is that the written articles need to be corrected by a native speaker who will be able to point out the mistakes so that the writer improves.

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