Brilliant Collection of Research Paper Topics about Health

The subject of health is very wide and covers many academic disciplines. If you are studying medicine, nursing or other course related to health care, you will be required to write a paper in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the conferment of the award you are pursuing. There are many research paper topics related to health so you will have to find what is relevant to you, and where possible, narrow down to the greatest interest of study.

The following are some of the research paper health topics you can explore.

  1. How to improve peer relationships in autistic children.
  2. The recommended physical education for children born with Down’s syndrome.
  3. Dealing with the problem of antibiotic resistance.
  4. An evaluation of the effectiveness of self-testing HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus) kits.
  5. The impact of readily available medical information on the internet and the need of consulting medical professional.
  6. Factors that affect the reliability and accuracy of clinical laboratory tests in rural areas.
  7. The techniques of reaching out and rendering medical help to the addicted population.
  8. The role of heath care professional in preserving evidence in rape cases.
  9. The ethical issues in voluntary or non-medical cesarean section delivery.
  10. Palliative care techniques for patients suffering from cancer and other chronic diseases.
  11. An evaluation of the long terms effects of the unwarranted use of emergency pills.
  12. Malaria monitoring and prevention techniques amongst the pregnant mothers in developing word.
  13. A critical look in to the world of herbal medicines that promise wonder cures – a case for regulation?
  14. A comparison of the efficacy, reliability and accuracy of the malaria rapid testing kits versus the classic blood smear test.
  15. The stem cell therapy as a means of combatting the effects and progression of lupus.

The above are just few of the many healthcare research paper topics you can explore.

Generally, what you need to note and keep in mind when choosing any topic is that –

  • Avoid obvious titles: some titles have been chosen and written on many times. When you write a paper on obvious topic, it will not be interesting and the title will not be catchy. Do a simple research online, and if you find that the topic has too many other articles going by the same or similar titles imply find something different.
  • Choose something you have interest in: do not select a topic for the same of writing. Instead, choose something you have interest in. If you like it, you will be able to come up with unique and interesting ideas.
  • Choose topic which is relevant: the topic must be relevant to the supervisor and to the other readers. It must be something logical, and which addresses some of the prevalent problems in the society.

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