10 Research Paper Comparative Literature Writing Instructions

When preparing for a research paper, comparative literature writing can get a little complicated. It helps to have a basic list of instructions to help you mentally prepare and plan your steps accordingly. An assignment of this nature can influence your final grade in a positive or negative way. What you do in the early stages of preparation can make a difference in the result of your paper.

10 Basic Instructions for Writing a Literature Paper

Getting started writing your paper involves a few basic steps. Once you understand the requirements you can create your plan to get the project completed. The following instructions offer a basic idea of actions to take to complete your paper:

  1. Select a topic via brainstorming and reading sample papers.
  2. Make list of sources to use for research and data collection.
  3. Create an outline. Establish discussion points in the outline to get ideas on what to research. You can also plan parts of a research paper review of related literature while getting an idea of how to establish a writing plan to get the project done.
  4. Establish a writing plan and checklist. The plan will help you stay on track with getting work done related to the project. Schedule time to write your paper and complete research.
  5. Start your research and use your outline to help collect data.
  6. Use the outline to develop a rough draft. The writing becomes easier at this point with research done with focus on creating proper sentences and paragraphs along with content organization.
  7. Rewrite and revise the rough draft. It is suggested to do this multiple times to clarify and polish your work.
  8. Check grammar, punctuation, spelling, and overall presentation. Hire an editor if you don’t have time or skill to complete this on your own.
  9. Finalize your paper. Read it from start to finish and have someone else read it (offer an opinion).
  10. Check you work against project guidelines and your checklist before submission.

Other Writing Tips

When planning English research paper topics literature content make sure to review project guidelines thoroughly. They are a form of instruction to help you create a plan for the topic you choose. When followed carefully you are likely to choose the best topic that will make it easier to get the project done with less stress.

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