Instructions for writing a bibliography for a research paper in digital poetics

A bibliography forms a very important part of any research paper. It provides reader or assessors with information regarding what sources you made use of while formulating the content of your paper. Digital poetry is an extremely interesting and widely based topic. Referencing your informational sources used to write your paper correctly is a vital part for all research papers, especially for one that has so much information available regarding it. If you feel stuck, read on to see how you can write a great bibliography for a research paper about digital poetics.

Bibliography Style and Format

The first step to writing bibliography for research paper is to familiarize yourself with the style and format which it should be written in. An important thing to remember is that a bibliography should always be found at the end of your work. You need to title the first page of the bibliography accordingly e.g. “Bibliography”, “References” or “Work Cited”. Lastly, the bibliography should always be written in alphabetical order no matter which information source is used or referred to first in your paper.

Citation Style and Format

Once you’re familiar with how the bibliography should be written, you need to make sure that you have knowledge regarding the different citation styles. A bibliography for a research paper in digital poetics will most likely take on the MLA citation style which was created by the Modern Language Association. When both of the above mentioned seem familiar to you, you are ready to write your bibliography for your research paper. Even if you have no prior knowledge on how to write a bibliography for a research paper, following the guidelines above will help you do so accurately. Just remember to take note on your spelling when writing the bibliography as this is of extreme importance to ensure that your sources are not only listed correctly, but given justice.

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