Creating An Interesting Research Paper On English Language Learners

If you need to write a research paper on English language, but you have some troubles with finding a way to make it engaging, reading these four tips will help you get some fresh ideas.

  1. A research paper in English can focus on many different things. Learners are not only children and teenagers but also adults. Constructing an interesting thesis on how one learns better than the other, or how they learn the same things in different ways could be an interesting way to write your paper.
  2. You'll find plenty of interesting articles online that describe different nations on their path of learning English language and culture, and implementing some of the English phrases in their everyday lives. With so much influence from the media these days, it seems that everyone even unwillingly uses some English words because they seem appropriate.
  3. Writing this kind of paper depends on the chosen topic. If you decide to write about teaching about English language and culture, it would be captivating to describe some of the English customs that are most interesting to foreigners, or the way the English culture affects learners' lives and inspires them. You could research whether they like it or not, or would they be ready to implement some parts of English culture as a part of a learning process. Different angles are to be explored here, and it is a good research paper example English.
  4. It could also be fun to write from different points of view, so to say. Kind of a part – counterpart thing. You could describe the experience of teachers when it comes to teaching English language and the experience of the learners as well. It might be interesting to see how teachers think about different learning methods, and what their learners have to say about those too. Maybe their opinions are in sync, maybe not. You can describe and illustrate what teachers find are the best learning methods, and when they think their students are making the biggest progress, and also show what learners have to say on that matter - what they think benefits them the most and why.
  5. Finally, if you want to create a paper that will be compelling for your reader(s), you should consider devoting more of your time to finding the best sources you can use for your work and write several draft versions before conducting a final one. Always remember to edit and proofread until it is perfect.

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