A Detailed Manual On Crafting An Introduction For A French Literature Research Paper

French literature is fascinating for any student, and there’s nothing better than reading one famous novel on a Friday night. However, crafting a research paper on this subject can be a real trouble; you have to have a very good knowledge of the topic, not to mention a great understanding of the French culture and even language. How can you write a great introduction for your research paper? Check this manual!

  • Remember to keep it short. You might want to say many things in your research paper intro paragraph, however it has to be short in order to be interesting for the audience. If you write more than one or two paragraphs, it will become confusing what is the introduction and what is the body of the composition. Ask your teacher for feedback if you think it is too long or too short.
  • Mention something interesting about the topic. Many people don’t know much about French literature, so you can’t expect them to know all the details about the novel that you are writing about. That is why you have to be quite explicit in what you write in your intro paragraph for research paper. Avoid using complicated words or definitions that only make sense for the people who have great knowledge in this area.
  • Say a few words In French. There are plenty of proverbs that you can use, and they will make your composition seem interesting from the very beginning. Of course, you have to make sure you know what it means and that your pronunciation is decent, since you will have to read it in front of the entire class when you present the assignment.
  • Search for inspiration. If you are still not sure that everything is as good as it should be, search for a great example introduction paragraph research paper on the Internet. With a little bit of luck, you will find some great samples that you can use as inspiration. Of course, you shouldn’t copy any of them, but you can take some ideas and use them for your own composition.

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