Crafting A Body Paragraph For A Research Paper On The Role Of Editing

As with most things in life, a research paper consists of various parts which when combined, give an end result that makes sense. When writing your paper, the introduction, body and conclusion all play an important role. Although equally important when looking at your paper as a whole, the body paragraph for research paper is what needs to contain textual evidence and support in order to convince your reader of your view or opinion. The body needs to contain a main idea, textual evidence to back this and lastly your own analysis. These three components help make a strong paper no matter what topic has been given or chosen. If you still feel stuck after reading through exactly how to write these three components, look through a few example of research paper body paragraph.

  • Main idea
  • When wanting to form a main idea on the role of editing, you firstly need to do some research regarding what editing is in order to establish your view regarding it. After you have done this, write down what you know about editing and how you feel regarding its role in general or in a certain industry. Make sure that this is written down in the form of a sentence.

  • Evidence
  • The next step to writing a great body paragraph is to find evidence that will back your main idea. Find at least more than two pieces that can serve as evidence for the main idea that you have formed regarding editing. After you have established these, elaborate on those points as well by stating why it is seen as good and relevant evidence to the given topic as well.

  • Analysis
  • The last part of your body paragraph should consist of your own analysis. This should also form the biggest part of the body in order to produce the right amount of effectiveness. Be sure to put a lot of detail into this. A lack of detail and relevant information throughout your analysis can downgrade your whole body paragraph no matter how strong your main idea and textual evidence points are. Always remember that a research paper is not only marked by the strength of your research, but by the strength of your own view as well.

Review and rewrite your body paragraph as much as you need until you feel completely satisfied with it. After all is done, make sure that your introduction and conclusion line up with your body and that your views regarding the role of editing are portrayed in these two components of your paper as well. Look at some examples of research paper conclusion paragraph if you’re struggling to end off your paper meaningfully.

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