Rules for Writing a Research Paper Appendix on Semantics

In cases where you find your research paper to be poorly structured or simply too long and detailed, you need to consider adding an appendix to your paper if you don’t want to lose the valuable information causing these problems. Appendices are used in papers as helpful, supporting and sometimes essential supplementary material that includes information that is too detailed for the text itself and would end up being a distraction or burden to the reader. If you are considering making use of a research paper appendix, you need to take note of the following rules for writing it:

  • Raw Data
    One of the first things to remember is that an appendix includes raw data. This should be all raw data relevant to your paper that you feel will support your findings discussed in your paper.
  • Graphs, Charts and Images
    Since these can’t be used directly in your research paper, make use of the appendix to include all relevant supporting visual documents.
  • Format and Style
    You need to be extremely cautious when adding an appendix to your paper, since a certain research paper appendix format should be followed.
    1. The appendix should be title at the top of its page. Do this by making use of capital letter in order for it to be clear.
    2. Order content within the appendix according to when it appears in your paper. This contributes to the appendix being more user-friendly and easier to access.
    3. When writing the appendix, make use of the APA (American Psychological Association) format. Read up on the specific rules that should be followed when writing an appendix in research paper apa and ensure that you follow these specific guidelines as well.
  • Referencing
    Speak to your educator to determine whether they will prefer the appendix of your research paper to be put before or after the reference page. Do however not cite the appendix on your reference page. Appendices are referenced by using labels throughout the text of your paper. Add in-text citations after the sentence wherein you are referring to something found in the appendix, for e.g. “(See Appendix A)”. Make sure that the labels stated match the appropriate appendix page.

Adding appendices to your paper is a never a bad idea. This will show educators that you have done extensive research and that all information used in your papers are factual. If you still find it difficult to write the appendix of your paper, or you simply want reassurance, visit a few websites to view samples of appendices.

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