Looking for a Relevant Sample of a Research Paper Results Section

Most academic papers require you write a results section. In this section, you announce the findings of the academic work. Theoretically, this should be the easiest part to write since you just need to comment on the exact thing you observed, and what you found. However, if you get a research paper results example you will find that the exact content and format varies depending on the nature of the research, the subject and also the level of the paper. The reason why writing the results section may be a bit tricky is that you may be tempted to include too much unnecessary information and fail to include the most relevant or important findings.

How to write?

The results section in the paper is not for interpreting results. The interpretation of the findings or results should be done in the discussion section. Thus, at the results section of a research paper, you need to narrate the findings without interpreting or evaluating them. However, you should ensure the language and explanation of the results links to reader to the discussion section of the paper.

Just as an example, you may discover unusual correlation between some two variables as you analyze the results. You may point out this unusual correlation in the results section. Speculations as to why this correlation occurred and postulations as to what could really be happening is for the discussion section.

If you put a lot of information in the results section, you may obscure your good findings in the reams of irrelevance. For instance, if you have table of the findings, there is no need of inserting graph that highlights the same information or data. Thus, if you have table of results, you may refer to it in your text, but there is no need of repeating the figures. Some professors or supervisors may penalize if you include duplicate information in the paper.

The format

Ensure you include the most relevant information in the results section in form of tables, figures and graphs. The text in the section will be for directing the reader to those figures and also clarifying any points that may not be clear. There a two ways of presenting results which can be identified from research paper results section sample. First method involves presenting results then adding short discussion which explains them at the end. The other method is presenting section then discussing it.

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