A Detailed Tutorial For Creating A Research Paper Proposal On Phonetics

Writing a proposal for your research paper is considered to be the first step that you need to follow when you have decided on a topic. It is written to give your instructor clearance regarding the topic you have chosen in order to establish if your chosen topic will meet al requirements. It also gives you the opportunity to narrow your chosen topic and start to formulate the argument that you will be making. To see how you can easily create a research paper proposal on phonetics, follow the steps below:

  1. Introduction – Start by writing your introduction. To do this, identify what phonetics is in terms of theoretical issues as well as empirical applications.
  2. Relevant literature and theories – Make sure to include existing literature and theories that are relevant to phonetics to show that you have an understanding of the arguments that have already been developed regarding this topic as well as knowledge regarding the ideas and findings of others who have already worked on phonetics.
  3. Indications – Give indications on what methods you will be using to research this topic, an outline on how you plan to undertake observations and experiments for any empirical applications and how long these will take.
  4. Vision – Include an overview of your vision. State how you believe your research on phonetics will contribute to existing debates and discussions regarding it. Also say whether you will be making an original contribution or not and if such will fill gaps in existing work and how or whether it will extend understandings regarding certain topics in the field and how. If you find yourself stuck, look at a research paper proposal sample apa.

A paper proposal should set out the central issues or questions that you plan to address and although the actual work you do might end up being different to your proposal, it is essential that you have a solid understanding of the issues you are conducting your research upon. The same steps can be followed when writing about other research paper proposal topics.

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