Elaborate Manual On How To Cite Sources In A Research Paper

As a student, you should know how to cite sources in your research paper. This is important as it helps you avoid plagiarism, which refers to the unethical practice of coping or taking the work or ideas of other persons, without properly acknowledging them. By citing the source of your information, you adhere to the writing guidelines and requirements that you should not take the researcher or ideas of other persons and present them as your own.

  • What is citation?
    In writing and research, citation can be described as brief reference to the source of information, and should provide adequate bibliographic details to enable readers to trace or locate the source. If the citation does not provide thus information, sufficient to enable the reader identify the source, it is considered incomplete. It is important to note that some of the citations found in the electronic and printed documents are not all correct.
    Some writers cook citations and so may indicate that the idea came from particular book, when really it is their own imagination, or it is from another different source. The elements to include in citation depend on cited material format, and mat be electronic document, journal article or book.
  • Citing books:
    What distinguishes citation of a book from the citation of article is the presence of the place of publication and the publisher. Only the year is indicated in the date of publication of the book. A periodical is cited in same way.
    For example, Gredgor, Altery J., ed. Financial Management Practices in Banking Sector. London: Oxford University Press, 2005.
  • Citing articles:
    Citation for article published in periodical such as scholarly journal, magazine or newspaper differs from citation of book, due to the presence of title of the article, title to the journal, volume number and the inclusive page numbers.
    Example: Woodley, Micheal D. “Missile interceptors of the 21st century and their effectiveness in large scale attack.” Science 413 (2003): 654-756.
    The citation for works in poem, story, article or essay, etc., published in anthropology or collected work differs from book citation in that, the title of the article is cited in addition to the book title, and the inclusive page numbers are included. It differs from citation for article in periodical in that there is the presence of place of publication and the publisher.
    Example: Toghdel, Peters G. “Nutrition for breastfeeding mothers.” Feeding healthy mother for healthy child: essays on the theory and practice of feeding breastfeeding mothers. Ed. Charles B. Welbord. New York: Fordham University Press, 2000. 24-43.

These are just a few examples of how to cite a research paper. The citations are not real. They are just to show you how it is done in the actual writing.

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